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At the age of 4–6 months at begins poorly expressed decrease in intensity of growth which becomes covered in addition in weight at the expense of the beginning autumn obesity. In general, independently eating young growth grows quickly enough, and the increase in body weight at is observed up to the maximum weight in the winter. 2,5–3 kg of a barsuchat which are so weighing in July by October double the weight, and for the period of a bedding in hibernation, they already weigh about 9 kg. In the first hibernation of a barsuchat remain with mother in a hole.

For a town structure the badger uses soils, with prevalence of sandy soil, in dry sites of the wood with vegetation characteristic for oak groves. Complexity of a structure of the town, says that this hole is used by a badger throughout long time.

spring and summer period: the percent of the eaten mouse-like rodents decreases, the share of the got insects and their larvae grows, the percent of birds and reptiles increases, still essential place is taken by vegetable objects;

On Salair (mainly in the foothills) the badger most often digs holes on poorly oblesenny, but a ravine densely overgrown with a grass and a bush and to the ravines. Here he adheres top, is more rare than an average and, as an exception, the lower belt of slopes.

Time of appearance of a badger for town surfaces was fixed in the evening. Activity of a badger is the share of a period from 1830 to 2130 o'clock. In time of day for a badger the exit from a hole for kormodobyvayushchy activity is characteristic. The reason not of occurrence of a badger in a period from 1800 to 1830 o'clock, can be that else the sun not absolutely was behind the horizon, as is the reason of appearance of a badger on a town surface.

The badger is widespread in a zone of mountain areas. In the vertical direction the badger rises quite highly to mountains. It is registered at the height of 2500-2800 m above sea level. The badger occupies in mountains different station. But from all numerous grounds he prefers to occupy the average belt of mountains turned to river valleys. Here it most often meets among thickets of a yellow acacia and dense herbage. He suits the shelters and in natural caves – the emptiness formed among rocks is more rare in scatterings of a large kurumnik.