My Step By Step Guide To Score 7

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The shirt is chosen too light tones, often white color. Also color of a tie is important. There is a rule that the tie has to be one tone with a shirt and a suit, but is lighter or is more dark, or the suit and a tie have to be contrast tones.

Surely it is necessary to check the actions. At a tussiculation it is necessary to turn the head aside and to cover a mouth with a hand, at sharp cough it is obligatory to put a scarf to a mouth. It is necessary to blow nose quietly, having slightly blown in a scarf. It is not necessary to sniff. Requirement it is necessary to sneeze whenever possible to suppress, having slightly squeezed a nose bridge from two parties or bringing at the time of sneezing to a nose a scarf.

Specifics of business activity impose very serious requirements to appearance of its participants. Appearance of the businessman is a first step to success as for the potential partner his suit serves as the code testifying to degree of reliability and respectability.

It is better to have socks not really bright and bright, it is better gray or dark, and to beige brown suit - brown. Follows also mark in a look that socks and a tie on the coloring have to be in harmony.