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In the history of science very often happens so that significantly various theories urged to describe the new phenomena equally are confirmed experimentally. In that case more preferable are those concepts which are the simplest. Thus, the principle of simplicity submits itself the specific requirement to creation of the scientific theory. Many famous scientists believed simplicity of hypotheses one of the most decisive criteria of their correctness. Finds the expression in it simplicity and harmony of the world.

To complete the picture it is necessary to mention and about very first on time - a "inflationary" stage of expansion of the Universe which proceeded only about 10-35 seconds, since that time as "earned" world hours. However during this time suddenly the "germ" of the Universe which appeared from absolute anything managed to increase the size to 10100 times.

The matter is that the new situation in science presents the person with a moral choice. Or to accept arguments of common sense with inevitably following consequences - to live on Bozhiy precepts and to carry out his good will. Or to pretend that occurred nothing, and to wait for some additional specifications which, perhaps, will return the lost support from under feet. But something is actually realized, resistant to a reasonable explanation.

Today in the highest scientific community it is considered that the traditional scientific method sputtered out and to move ahead in knowledge of the nature, it is necessary to attract other "channels" of receipt of information concepts about which are borrowed from east occult mysticism. There is very significant situation. The science which entered today mature age saved up by a rational method of knowledge the whole massif of system, fundamental knowledge of the nature. Long, honest and laborious work of many generations of scientists, at last, started bearing kind fruits.